Our Founder

The Woman Behind The Mission


Dr. Gillian Biscette is the woman behind this amazing vision.

Dr. Gillian Biscette is a mighty woman of God, an ordained Apostle, CEO, business woman, an author and a visionary, a Spiritual mother to many and a Kingdom Leading Trailblazer!

Dr. Biscette is a graduate of Trinity Theological Seminary and Broward College. She is a profound  teacher at Redeeming Light House of God International, where she also holds to her responsibility as “Chief Apostle”.

Even though she has a strong leadership background and responsibility, she softens-up really easy when it comes to her close knitted family. She is a virtuous woman, an amazing wife and mother, with unlimited amount of love and loyalty to her family, which she believes, to be her biggest fan and main support.

In Dr. Gillian Biscette own words:

” I put God first in all that I do. I was born to help free God’s people and I just have a passion for children and their well being. I consider myself a vessel of God, for the restoring of souls unto Christ, chosen to Preach the gospel, teach disciples, Coach the broken, motivate the loss, intercedes for all; and to express my image of God through creativity, philanthropy and by loving all people and things that the Lord has made.”